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Q - How to download files from this magazines?
A - Follow these steps
  1. Click arrow icon at top right side in each files (New window will be open) (See this action in screenshot)
  2. Select Download Original option from File menu. (See this action in screenshot)
Q - Where can I get previous issues of Monday Musings?
A - You can get all previous issues at Archives page.

Q - Where can I get previous issues of MM Special?
A - You can get all previous issues of Other Resources at Archives page.

Q - How do I enable Gujarati fonts in my mobile handset?
A - First of all, you need to download OperaMini web browser on your mobile handset.
  1. Open OperaMini and press "#" button and press "1" to activate the address bar type.
  2. Type: about:config and click "OK". Page named "Power - User Settings" will be displayed.
  3. Go to bottom of page by clicking and holding the button "8".
  4. You can see option "Use Bitmap fonts for complex scripts", Set it as "Yes".
  5. Click "Save" button and restart OperaMini.
Q - How do I get updates for Monday Musings?
A - You can get all important updates for Monday Musings by joining this group.

Q - I have feedback / advice for this magazine. How do I tell you?
A - Okay, you can submit your feedback here

Q - I have question which is not listed above, how do I get help?
A - I think above question-answers are enough for this magazine. I do not providing any online / offline support for rijadeja.com or it's sister concern websites (like MM). You can visit Help Center of rijadeja.com website for mostly asked questions and some other known issues.